Keep Your Spa Looking New with a Cal Spas Spa Cover. Cal Spas spa covers are made of high-quality material that lasts years longer than ordinary spa tops.


Cal Spa Original Covers - Available in GRAY or SLATE.



Cal Armor™ Covers - Available in BLACK, DARK BROWN and GRAY.


Dark Brown


Additional Features:

1. Meets all ASTM safety standards, and UL Classified
2. Over Thirty Years of Experienced Craftsmanship Virgin Foam Core
3. 4 mil double-ply poly-laminate underneath
4. Antaeus 2000™ Vapor Lock Seal
5. Twenty Eight Points of Reinforcement
6. 20 gauge steel, non-corrosive reinforced center bar
7. Cold cracking freeze resistant to - 20 degrees Fahrenheit
8. Mildew and UV inhibitors
9. Grommeted drain holes for easy maintenance
10. R Factor: 14 or higher insulating qualities and efficiency
  There are cheaper spa covers on the market, but we won’t sell them. Why? Because we’d lose a good customer (you) after they failed in a year or two! Cal Spas custom spa covers last years longer than ordinary spa tops. Our design is the culmination of over many years of cover crafting experience, with more satisfied online customers across America than any other.

The most durable replacement hard cover for hot tubs, Cal Spas covers are designed to stand up to the effects of sun, rain, or snow. You’ll save more energy to achieve a lower total cost of ownership over time, than any other spa cover made. Our spa covers come with a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty for your peace of mind and are now ASTM Certified to meet critical safety standards.

You can also now take that legendary Cal Spa Cover quality to the next level with Cal Armor™! Almost the same price but 1/3 lighter and 3x more durable than marine grade vinyl. It uses the same materials used by hikers in the Himalayas, travelers in the Arctics and that 24/7 all-year-round tent in Arizona. So you know this can withstand the coldest and hottest of weather around.

The Cal Spas’ step-by-step ordering process means you can easily order the perfect replacement spa cover online, for any spa brand, in just minutes.

Slate covers match any spa cabinet color perfectly. Compliment any outdoor home design with a slate cover on your hot tub for years of energy-efficiency and low-cost hot tub maintenance.

Black, Coastal, Mahogany, Mist, Smoke, Teak cabinet panels all match Slate/Walnut colored spa covers.



Available in Gray or Slate/Walnut.
Marine Grade Vinyl
Our vinyl is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors for overall longevity year round beauty. We have not gone to the less expensive materials without the plasticizers. Our material still has the flexibility to stretch with the core rather than failing at points of stress where the less expensive vinyl cannot compete. Our vinyl has a negative 20 degree cold crack rating and is tested to 1500 UV hours.

Steel Reinforcement
20 gauge “C” Channel provides strong support across the center of the hot tub cover. This non-corrosive steel channel strengthens the center of the spa cover giving extra support in areas that experience extreme weather.

Sturdier than the standard Sure-Loc hardware, center-release fasteners hold up better in extremely cold climates- but, the best thing about this feature is its ease of use. It opens with the simple push of a button, so it is especially good for anyone with strength or dexterity limitations. It also locks for safety.

Hidden Zippers
The zipper pull is neatly tucked away in its own pocket. This not only protects the zipper, but is also much more attractive than an exposed zipper and contributes to the finished appearance.


  Size   4”-2.5”   5”-3”   5”-3”
  R-Factor*   R-14   R-20   R-29
  Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps   Heavy-Duty Wind Straps
  Virgin Foam**   1.5 lb. Aquatic Grade Core   1.5 lb. Aquatic Grade Core   2.0 lb. Aquatic Grade Core
  Core Moisture   Barrier   Antaeus 2000™ Polymer
  Vapor Seal-6 Mil Core
  Moisture Barrier
  Antaeus 2000™ Polymer
  Vapor Seal-6 Mil Core
  Moisture Barrier
  Antaeus 2000™ Polymer
  Vapor Seal-6 Mil Core
  Moisture Barrier

*R-Factor – The ability of insulation to slow the transfer of heat is measured in R-values/factors. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation material’s ability to resist the flow of heat through it.

**Virgin Foam – the first quality foam. Not re-formed or recycled which frequently contain impurities and are of lesser density than virgin foam.