Compare our Spa Covers to Others:

There are cheaper spa covers on the market than Thermo Shield, but we will not sell them. We'd lose a good customer (you) after a year or two when they failed. Quality does not cost, it pays, with a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the cover. Thermo Shield's quality makes it truly the most affordable spa cover on the market.

Thicker 4" to 2.5" taper core in our standard model hot tub covers.
> Tapers down from 4" to a thin 2.0". Thinner core breaks easily, has less R-value.
Largest color selection
> Limited choices
Reinforced matching vinyl-covered handles, straps, and hinge on all spa cover models.
> Flimsy black nylon webbed handles and straps on certain models.
(4) Heavy-duty reinforced wind-straps come standard on every cover - no extra charge.
> Not available or charge extra for heavy-duty wind-straps. Some brands use only (2) straps.
Labor-intensive double-stitched construction, for maximum strength.
> Single stitch sewing.
Aquatic-grade foam cores
> Regrind or construction-grade foam.
Commercial-grade materials and premium marine vinyl.
> Cheapest materials throughout.
Wider, thicker, 20 gauge galvanized steel C-channel center fold reinforcement.
> Thinner, flimsy 22-24 gauge C-channel will allow cover to cave or collapse over time.
Superior warranty service. We'll be here if you need us.
> May be out of business by the time you need warranty service.
Award winning rapid-response email & phone support. Largest and most knowledgeable Customer Care staff in the spa industry.
> "No reply" customer service
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.
Outstanding Customer Service.
> Take your chances.
ASTM Certified Tested for Safety
> ???

Replace your hot tub cover in 4 easy steps!