Maximum Energy Savings:

In today’s economy buying a -“good”- product just is not enough. Today, consumers insist on the best products in terms of both manufacturing materials and reduced operating costs. When purchasing a hot tub cover, several attributes like longevity, insulation value, tightness of seal to the tub and overall energy efficiency all factor into the return on investment of your purchase.

To understand how to reduce operating costs, start by learning how spas and hot tubs use energy. Hot tubs typically use electric energy to heat and continuously circulate the water, and a very small amount of electricity for lighting. Hot tubs are covered and unused more than 95 percent of the time, yet this is typically when the hot tubs uses 75 percent of its energy. Thus, energy conservation starts with -“steady-state”- mode by reducing heat loss through the hot tub cover.

Insulation value is derived from our manufacturing process using virgin foam cores, 27-ounce marine-grade vinyl, full-length heat seal gaskets (optional on all hinged covers) and the unparalleled tightness of the Antaeus 2000™ vapor seal. These features are the most important construction details in terms of overall energy use and efficiency of your hot tub.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) was the first governing body to mandate a standard of hot tub efficiency compliance. Sunstar spa covers are rated with one of the highest R-Values in the industry and manufactures selling hot tubs in California using Sunstar hot tub covers were able to pass the CES’s strict guidelines effortlessly unlike many competitors.

While It would be impossible to create a totally air-tight spa cover the Sunstar hot tub and spa covers will reduce your energy waste when compared to other spa cover manufacturers. We build green and you save green. If you currently own a spa or hot tub and notice that the cover is becoming heavier from water saturation, replace it with a Sunstar cover today. Water-logged insulation loses effectiveness and wastes costly energy that could mean dollars out your pocket. Discover why Sunstar is the premier developer of elegant, durable and energy-efficient hot tub and spa covers for most hot tubs and spas in the industry. Contact us toll free at (888) 887-5830 or fill out our contact form at Contact Sunstar.

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