Thermo Shield Spa Covers Quality Features:

Cal Spas proudly offers America's premier spa cover: Thermo Shield. Light years ahead in terms of durability, quality of construction, and the energy savings that comes with superior insulation, these are the most beautifully crafted replacement spa covers you can buy.

ASTM Certified Spa Covers
Meets or exceeds safety standards
You can rest assured that your new Thermo Shield replacement spa cover meets and exceeds product safety requirements. Our spa covers have undergone rigorous testing in independent laboratories, certifying that our products have met the critical standards for safety.

Premium Vinyl Outer Skin
Our 30 oz. marine-grade vinyl is manufactured with higher levels of mildew inhibitors and special plasticizers to help keep it supple. It is the top grade and most expensive vinyl available.

Reinforced Color-Matched Handles
Attractive recessed design
No need to settle for ugly, black web-mesh handles! Thermo Shield's attractive recessed design features two reinforced handles with matching vinyl covering for both beauty and durability.

NOTE: Add an optional second set of handles for added utility. (Spa cover handles are used for opening and closing of a cover only.)

SunStar Fabric Option
Premium outdoor fabric
Thermo Shield is delighted to feature durable, fade-resistant SunStar outdoor fabrics as an option for spa covers. Covers made with SunStar performance fabric weigh about 10 pounds less than vinyl covers, for ease of use.

Reinforced Center Hinge
With heat lock pads
Thermo Shield covers feature a super-reinforced multi-layer cover hinge and specially engineered pads to block heat escape, plus multiple moisture drains in the underside.

NOTE: Add optional full-length thermal seal for even better heat retention.

(4) Heavy-Duty Locking Tie-Down Wind-Straps
For security, heat retention & cover protection
Four (4) color-matched, reinforced tie down heavy-duty locking windstraps with latches, key and stainless mounting screws are provided for spa cover security & heat retention. No extra charge for heavy-duty windstraps!

Warning: Inferior brands have only 2 tie downs, a safety hazard which subjects the cover to wind damage and promotes heat loss.

Aquatic-Grade Virgin EPS Core Insulation
Stronger and thicker taper - supreme moisture resistance
Our standard covers feature 4" > 2.5" taper closed-cell aquatic grade virgin EPS insulating cores with better R-value and moisture resistance. Some cover makers use cheap construction-grade foam or taper down to a flimsy 2" thin-- not a good idea. Our Ultra and eMax model covers feature even thicker 5">3" taper foam cores with the highest strength and insulation density.

Note: Covers more than 5" thick are not recommended because they are too heavy and bulky for easy removal or use with most cover lifting devices. Covers thicker than 5" provide negligible insulating gains. Many other brands of spa covers use inferior, low-grade foam cores which will rapidly absorb moisture and quickly lose their R-value and strength. Thermo Shield uses only aquatic-grade foam cores. For example, our 5">3" taper spa covers actually provide superior insulation, strength, and durability compared to an unwieldy 6">4" taper cover using cheaper construction-grade foam cores.

Energy Reflex - Option
Energy Saving Heat Reflective Shield
Energy Reflex is a special metalized reflective shield. Installed inside, between the spa cover's foam core and the vapor barrier wrap, it acts like a heat-reflective mirror. Radiant heat, which would otherwise escape and be wasted, is reflected back down into the spa water. This reduces the load on your hot tub heater, and your wallet.

This inexpensive upgrade is a breakthrough which could pay for itself in reduced energy consumption all year.

Replace your hot tub cover in 4 easy steps!