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Hot tubs, spas replacement parts for sale – TRU BLU - BROMINE, SODIUM
Hot tubs, spas replacement parts for sale – Bromine Generator Cell

CAL SPAS Bromine Generator Cell

The Genesis Device Automatic Bromine Generator is the smartest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your spa sparkling and always inviting.
Hot tubs and spas maintained by the Genesis Device are virtually maintenance free and greatly reduce cost and aggravation by eliminating the purchasing, storing and handling of Bromine tablets. This technology, while taking years to develop, is easy to understand, simple to use and amazingly effective.

Automating your tub is easy:

  • First, you add Tru-Blu ? Sodium Bromide to your tub or spa water. You only have to do this once, during the initial start-up process.
  • For spas with 24 circulation systems: Tru-Blu sodium bromide needs to be added at a rate of 1 lb per 100 gallons of spa water in order to maintain a recommended 1200PPM.
  • For spas with 8 hour circulation cycles: Tru-Blu sodium bromide needs to be added at a rate of 1.5 lb per 100 gallons of spa water in order to maintain a recommended 1900PPM.
  • Sodium Bromide ? ?NaBr? is the kissing cousin of Sodium Chloride ?NaCl? (table salt)
  • The dissolved Sodium Bromide then circulates through your spa and makes contact with the Genesis Device. The Genesis then electronically converts Sodium Bromide into Bromine.
  • Bromine is the recommended sanitizer for hot tubs and spas
  • The Bromine sanitizes the spa?s water then reverts back to Sodium Bromide, completing the perpetual cycle.

The Genesis Device means that the days of buying tablets and filling those unsightly floating feeders are gone forever! No more hassle?just sparkling clean water!
Additional Sodium Bromide is only added when your water level declines due to splash out, or when you drain and refill the tub.
The Genesis Device can go up to 12 months before a drain and fill is required, unlike non equipped spas that require it every 3 months. Traditional methods of

Weight: 2.00 lb

Price: $329.50

SPECIAL ORDER - May take up to 30 days or longer for shipping.

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