Item #: CAL SPAS LIT16000380
Complete UV Light Pp-I System 100-240V/50-60hz UV Water Sterilizer, 3/4" NPT
The complete UV light sanitation system is a great upgrade for any spa owner! Our UV sanitation system uses a 100% contained lamp that uses a physical UV light to clean waterborne bacteria, algae, pathogens, and virus. The light is highly concentrated into its housing element to accommodate for high flow rate cleaning.

This process is 100% physical and involves no chemicals making it safe for everyone. Currently, Ultraviolet Spa Disinfection is considered the best available technology for spa and hot tub disinfection. Installation is quick and easy, and is a great way to save on maintenance chemicals in the long run!

Weight: 6.00 lb

PRICE: $406.35


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