Item #: CAL SPAS OZO18000247
ULTRAZONE 110V (59087-KIT) (110V spas)
Want to save money, time, and frustration when it comes to taking care of your spa? An ozonator might be the perfect add on for you!

This device generates and injects ozone gas into your spa water. This gas helps scour and clean your spa by attatching itsself to particles. Ozone naturally kills bacteria and contaminants without the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals. It attatches itself to all type of conaminantes such as lotions, soap, makeup, and even more!

With the addition of an ozonator, you will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning agents needed to maintain your spa. Ozone works together with chlorine and bromine agents to keep your water bacteria, germ, and virus free!

Double check that this product's voltage is compatible with your spa system before ordering!

Weight: 1.00 lb

PRICE: $66.89


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