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hot tub high performance motor thumbnail   High Performance SwitchlessPro Motor >

hot tub high performance motorCal Spas SwitchlessPro™ Motors feature low and high speeds with exclusive switchless technology. The low speed is used for filtration and heating while the high speed is used for creating a pressurized massage. Instead of a mechanical switch with springs that physically change between low and high speeds, Cal Spas motors are switchless and use an electrical relay that provides resiliency and protects the motor. Each switchless pump has a 50% thicker and longer shaft than standard motors for increased durability and output. Hot tub owners will experience a 50% increase in energy efficiency during filtration mode since the motors are able to fully operate at only two amps.

   Pure XL >

Only Cal Spas hot tubs have a state-of-the-art purifying system. Our exclusive PURE XL™ system is a natural way to purify water using the power of ultraviolet light to destroy micro-organisms and germs without releasing chemicals into the air. As water passes through the XL heating chamber, a powerful UV-C light dissolves excess oxygen into the ozone which destroys impurities. This exclusive PURE XL™ system has been designed to integrate with the XL Heat Exchanger™ and 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution pump.

   Cal-Clarity II Bromide >

Sodium bromide (NaBr) is an effective bacteria killer that should be part of every hot tub's water clarity regimen. The eco-friendly Cal-Clarity™ II Bromine Generator instantly turns salt into bromine to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh. It also features a dedicated digital topside display that monitors the salt levels. This perpetual sanitation cycle kills bacteria, algae and other pathogenic organisms without ever requiring additional sodium bromide. The Cal-Clarity™ II Bromine Generator also eliminates the need for an Ozonator. The following features offer you a piece of mind.

   Exclusive 5.5 Heat Exchanger >

The 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger™ is the most dependable, longest lasting heater in the industry. From the moment water enters the heating chamber, warmth is immediately transferred from the XL Heat Exchanger's patented design. Instead of immersing heating coils in the spa water, the heating element is coiled around a stainless tube that never comes into contact with water and prevents turbulence and chemical corrosion. Additionally, the oversized surface area of the heating chamber means more water can be heated faster than heating chambers of standard heaters. Lastly, our high-density full foam insulation drives heat directly into the spa water instead of dispersing the heat into the air, which reduces operating costs and increasing efficiency. Unlike standard heaters, Cal Spas backs the XL Heat Exchanger with a lifetime warranty.

   24-7 AquaClear Filtration Solution >

The 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution is a whisper-quiet, efficient pump that circulates water through the spa filter, keeping it clear at all times. Only Cal Spas hot tubs guarantee 100% water filtration that provides crystal clear spa water. The efficient 24-7 AquaClear™ Filtration Solution circulates water through the filter and heater at 50 gallons per minute while using only 0.7 amps of power - saving you money!

   Standard and Custom Spa Covers >

As a consumer you have many spa cover manufacturers to choose from. Quick spa part's covers are built by a company that supports the consumer on all spa products and services. We are spa people at heart and understand the customer and what they expect and deserve. Quick Spa Parts is recognized as one of the best in product and top quality brand. We promote value and have a great understanding of what consumers demand from their Spa cover. We know the spa cover is the heart and soul of the spa, to be effective in maintaining the water temperature, the thickness of the cover ma kes all the difference

   Cabinets and Panels >

Quick Spa Partz offers the best in quality on all products offered. Our cabinets are constructed to last using high-grade synthetic material, which features the richness of natural wood. Our fade-resistant synthetic panels are highly durable and require no staining. Our beautiful color options feature warm, natural hues that match any backyard landscape.
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